Wednesday 24 January 2007

Goodbye Tamil Nadu, Hello Kerala

The train was supposed to go at 7pm. why am I not surprised that it was over an hour late? Just as well there was no change of platformk given its immense length, though I did discover in daylight that nobody uses the bridge which is miles away - we all walk over the line.

Apart from the time, I had a smooth journey. Probably the only English speaker in the carriage helped me establish myself on a seat and the inspector passed in due course. I'm beginning to think one can get away without making reservations unless the train is really packed.

Lucky I had an Indian mobile as I was able to phone the YWCA, who said they would be closed when I arrived and to go to the YMCA instead. I rolled up after 11pm, with a rickshaw driver trying to persuade me the whole way it would be closed and he knew of cheaper places. Well, the YMCA has come up with the cleanest room since I arrived in India! And telly to boot. I have been astonished by the omnipresence of TVs and it has made for some entertaining snippets of bollywood.

I'm going to stick to the YMCA for my stay here.

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