Tuesday 12 December 2006

Trying out new blog site

Hello all. This is the equivalent of "testing, testing, testing".
I'm thinking of posting myt next travel blog here, but I need to find out how easy this is. Judging by the problems I had setting up this account, the signs are not good.
I set up a trial one two years ago, but have meanwhile both forgotten my password AND changed email. Result, I can no longer link to my rather nice start and more memorable blog address.
On the other hand, it looks much easier to control the look of what I write than on my old one.
Big test: when I go to India next month, will I lose everything if, after typing for half an hour, there is the inevitable power cut? Must check out how to save as you go along - oh, Ive just spotted 'save as draft' below. I'll try that now.
Well, that was OK, although I seem to have one rather narrow column.
Also, I need to see how easy it is to put up a photo or two.
First attempt failed. Let's try again. Done! Now you can see a photo of me, complete with red-eye, taken by someone at Kate's wedding this year.

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